Software Chaos Ridiculously Under Managed

Sat 28 August 2010

So this post is just a place-holder for me to launch my new methodology - SCRUM.

I'd hate to have some fan copy my ideas (again) and find myself unable to prove categorically that I thought it first, so here goes...

Google tells me (so it must be true) that no-one else has ever put these five words together in this order before. As of today the only entry is my previous post...

Google result for "Sofware Chaos Ridiculously Under Managed"

Which is strange, because I think that Software Chaos Ridiculously Under Managed (ie SCRUM, (c) DevCurmudgeon 2010) may soon be the most popular software methodology in the world, for two reasons:

  1. Look at how many folks (especially managers) are talking about SCRUM, as opposed to Scrum (Schwaber/Sutherland)

  2. Look at how many folks are applying the "self-managing teams idea" from the various Agile camps, while misunderstanding the implications - that's a recipe for SCRUM, right there.

I feel a book coming on... conferences, speaking engagements... I could be like why the lucky stiff, with better jokes...

my code is worse, though ... _why's code rocks.

I wonder what _why thinks about SCRUM?