Open Sores

Fri 22 October 2010

I need to get with the program. All these years working on secret projects with someone else's name on the mastheads have created an obvious problem - nobody knows who the hex I am.

But wait!

There's an obvious solution too.

Why don't I just take my old spaghetti code - all the stuff I wrote, and all the stuff I paid real codejunkies to write - and shove it up the interwebs?

Get me some misspelt cool project names ... set up some web sties sites ... dot orgs are pretty cheap, especially if they're unpronounceable...

There, I'm open source.

I'll be a pillar of the "community". More lecture tours. Now all I need is a business plan business model job mug Venture Capitalist.

BTW the open source/sores mashup is not one of mine - its originator, easily my match in curmudgeonry, granted me a non-exclusive perpetual license to use, in return for free accreditation as the first certified SCRUM whistleblower.

EDIT: google says the first open source/sores publication was 2002!